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Must Have Holiday Toys 2013

Top Christmas Toys 2013

Top Christmas Toys 2013

Before you know it, it will be time once again to shop for the hot Christmas toys of 2013. From all accounts, it’s looking like a great year to be a kid. This yuletide season, you’ll find fabulous choices for children of all ages at your local toy store or online shop. (Hint: Watch for free shipping)

Kids tablets are among the must have holiday toys of 2013. The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra and the InnoTab 3 kids tablet are at the top of the 5 best selling tablets for kids. A quality child’s tablet, will encourage learning, exploration and creativity – and have a durable, ruggedized design.

Will.i.am is developing a tech dog to rival Furby Boom this Christmas. The robot dog will sing, dance and download music.

Furby Boom is coming! The cute electronic robotic toy is back after after 14 years. The retro toy will hatch from an egg and may be referred to as a Furbling or Furblings.

Sure to be one of this year’s favorites, Teksta the robot dog toy will enchant children of all ages. Teksta the robot puppy is an adorable pet that will include iPad app interaction. Teksta can dance, flip, learn commands, and has “petting recognition”. Sound recognition and voice recognition allows the robot dog to take voice commands.

What would a list of Xmas toys be without cute troll dolls? Zelfs are one of the must have Christmas toys for 2013. Zelf retro troll dolls are plastic toys with a funky spiked hair. There are 12 Zelfs, and each troll figure comes with their own distinctive “charm”. This is a must have holiday gift!

One of the top Christmas toys of 2013 are pet fish toys. With Robo Fish, kids can have all the fun of a pet fish without having to worry about keeping the water temperature in the fish bowl just right. Clown Robo Fish are electronic fish that swim just like a real fish thanks to their lifelike tail fin motion. These fish have a water-activated swimming mechanism.
The Robo-Fish Fish Bowl, which retails for $19.99 and comes with a shark Robo Fish.

Of course, for some kids, the best holiday toys are the ones that let the kids get active, like the Chasin Cheeky monkey game. Toss the rings onto Chasin’ Cheeky’s tail and be first to grab a banana out of his mouth. The winner gets the chance to dance with the cheeky monkey.

Traditional, classic toys will always have their place under the Christmas tree or among the family’s Hanukkah offerings. Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls are back, VIP Pets and the Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag! Perfect for you little one(s).

There will be something for everyone at Christmas this year. From traditional, to active, to ultra high tech; it looks like there will be some big smiles this holiday season.

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