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30th Birthday Celebration Kids (Cabbage Patch Kids)

Celebration Kids

Celebration Kids

Celebrate with Cabbage Patch by adopting your very own 30th Birthday Celebration Kid. The 30th Birthday Celebration Kids are 14 inches in size. Each girl comes with her own Cup-cake Hair Comb accessory and each boy comes with a pair of Fashion Glasses. Both Boys and Girls have the nylon hair with bright blue and pink color highlights.

Cabbage Patch Kids Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties are also available with the original Cabbage Patch scent of fresh baby powder.

Your child will will have the option to rename the baby and pick the birth day and month of your choice for an additional fee of $3.00 or you can be surprised and learn your Kids name and birthday when they arrive home to you and your child.

The 30th Birthday Celebration Cabbage Patch Kid is a beautiful display of vintage creation and new design. The clothing is representative of the modern age of dolls while still keeping the simple outfits that we all grew to love as children. 30th Birthday Celebration Kids are the perfect toys for girls or boys.

There are a variety of Cabbage Patch Kids Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties to choose from. You can normally find a doll that has the same hair color as your child.

Just like real kids, Cabbage Patch Kids come in a variety of different pink and blue hair styles, hair colors, eye colors, expressions and ethnicities. Bring home the nostalgia of the Cabbage Patch Kids brand today. Ages 3 and above. This is sure to be one of the hottest toys among girls this 2013 holiday season.

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