Christmas Toys for Boys 2013 | Xmas 2013

Christmas Toys for Boys 2013

Hot New Toys for Christmas

This year, shopping around for Christmas presents for your son, grandson, stepson, or even nephew seems to be an even easier undertaking than ever before. With a series of major action films coming out this year, in addition to strong sales of movies from last year, companies are producing a variety of different action figures and vehicles from various film licenses. Such licenses include:

  • Batman/The Dark Knight This year will see a new Batman figure inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins film, complete with armory and even a Bat Signal diorama. Furthermore, a new Dark Knight “Joker 2.0″ figure will make its debut in 1/6th scale, coming with a second head (for a different facial expression), several sets of gloved and bare hands, interrogation room table, and an array of accessories. Lastly, “the Bat” from The Dark Knight Rises will be given a toy treatment perfect for transporting Batman around.
  • Marvel Entertainment DC’s competition in film and comics will continue in the world of toys as well. Iron Man 3 will offer such figures as Tony Stark with a workplace diorama (and several Iron Man armor parts on a table), the Iron Man mk. XLII armor, a “Hall of Armors” Diorama, and even a series of super-deformed “Cos-Baby” armor figures. The Avengers line will offer a Bruce Banner action figure.
  • G.I. Joe The new film’s toy offerings will include a Roadblock figure as well as a Storm Shadow.
  • Robocop The reboot will offer a 1/6th scale ED-209 figure.
  • Man of Steel Mattel’s Movie Masters Jor-El action figure set from the “Man of Steel” movie. “Man of Steel” toys, including Mattel’s Movie Masters, LEGO playsets, and Funko’s Pop! Vinyls. Stay tuned for Man of Steel QuickShots.
  • PlayStation 4 – The Sony PlayStation 4 owners can be controlled with the console a tablet or smartphone. The PS4 is the perfect Xmas toy for gamers!

From Terminator to Predator to Iron Man to The Dark Knight Rises – large scale superhero characters and the new Sony PlayStation 4 are top toys for 2013.

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Hottest Christmas Toys for 2013
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