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Flutterbye Fairies

Top Christmas Toys 2013 for Girls

Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Looking for a great toy for a little girl? Buying Christmas toys for girls is so much fun, especially for the younger ones.

One of the top toys for Christmas 2013 for girls is Spin Master’s Flutterbye Flying Fairy line. These pretty flying fairies are easily launched from a base and hover and float gracefully, gently guided by the wave of a hand. This is something that little girls are going to be very excited about.

Simply place the fairy on the base and let her spin. Then release her from the base and watch her soar into the air. Place your hands underneath the fairy and she can sense them, hovering over them like magic.

There will be two fairies, one pink and purple (Flower) and one blue and purple (Stardust) for ages 6 and up.

These pretty toys are inspired by flowers and star dust, bringing love and sweet dreams to all little girls who fly her.

How Much Will Flutterbye Fairies Cost?

The suggested retail price of these remote control magical creatures is $34.99 and will be in stores August 2013. Other great Xmas toys for girls include the Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Flutterbye Flying Fairies are one of the best toys at Spin Master. Little girls will love this pink/purple toy and these fairies will keep your little princess busy for hours. Radio-controlled flying gadgets have been the province of boy toys – until now!

Look out. Tinkerbell, flying fairy toys are guaranteed to hit the Top 10 Girls Toys for 2013. Flutterby Fairies are here this Christmas to fill your kids with the spirit of magic.

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