New Toys 2013 | Top Toys for 2013

New Toys for 2013 – Top Toys for 2013 & 2014

New Toys for 2013 - Top New Toys for Kids

New Toys for 2013 – Top New Toys for Kids

Looking for the top kids toys and gadgets for the 2013-2014? Watch for AI Toys.

Every year, trendy new toys are released to the market with the hope that they will be popular toys for birthday gifts and the holiday season – 2013 will be no exception. Certain toys are destined to become trendsetters and you can find them all here. Amazon top toys 2013 are already starting to hit the market.

2013 Toys will focus on savvy educational toys for kids! Hot new toys for birthdays, Christmas 2013, and quite possibly Christmas 2014 will include kids tablets, kids slates and kids ereaders. The LeapPad Explorer by Leapfrog, the Innotab 2 by Vtech and robotic app toys are sure to be popular toys for the holidays!

When shopping for new children’s toys, one must consider several factors. These include toy quality and durability, toy prices, toy safety and age range. Other important factors include whether you are shopping for baby toys, toddler toys, pre-school toys or toys for older children.

Before you shop for the newest toys, do some research online! New toys emerge during the February toy fair and then again around the end of summer towards the Fall. The hottest new toys to hit the market are always fun, safe and durable and often educational.

There is pre-Christmas buzz about the new Barbie construction toy line in select North American retailers – the Barbie construction toy line (Barbie Bloks) is said to be one of the best kids toys for 2013 – 2014.

Artificial Intelligence toys are coming in 2013. Toy Talk Inc showing a teddy bear that can talk with your kid and interact with them. This artificial intelligence teddy bear is not built inside the bear itself it seems, but inside your tablet.

SEGA is planning to launch “several” new digital Sonic games and a new “boxed” Sonic game during 2013 and a Swedish toymaker has published a ‘gender-neutral’ children’s Christmas catalog.

Stay tuned for the top kids toys and gadgets for the 2013-2014 and the 2013 Toy Fair!

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