Scare Off Sulley Toy

Scare Off Sulley

Scare Off Sulley is on the top ten toys for Christmas 2013!

The Scare Off Sulley Feature Plush has 5 different interactive play modes. Sulley by Spin Master is able to sense his environment using sound and light detection technology. The cute Sully monster toy is perfect for children ages three and up.

Scare Off Sulley Toy

Scare Off Sulley Toy

Disney’s Sulley can teach children to engage in a Scare Off – Scream loud enough and Sulley will fall backwards in fear.

The interactive monster toy talks, moves and scares just like the real Sulley. The blue monster toy reacts to the strength of screams and scares. This is the perfect 2013 Christmas gift to compliment the Sulley monster mask.

Scare Off Sulley is a Monsters University toy that teaches Scare Training, Scare ‘O Meter, speed scare, room guard and the scare off challenge!

The Scare Off Sulley toy from Disney Pixar Monsters University, is priced at $79.99 and is available in the Fall 2013. If you suffer from migranes, this may be one of the worst toys for Christmas!

Other interactive toys for Christmas 2013 include Big Hugs Elmo, Disney Sofia, Furby Boom, and Teksta dog robot puppy.

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